Informal Advisory Panel

to the Texas Young Lawyers Association on this Project

The Texas Young Lawyers Association Community Education Committee would
like to give special thanks to the advisory panel members, listed below, who
provided invaluable feedback and guidance in the creation of the American
Juror project.

Hon. Sherri Adelstein
District Clerk, Denton County

Hon. Charles Bacarisse
District Clerk, Harris County

Hon. Jeff Brown
Judge, 55th Judicial District Court, Houston

Hon. Cynthia Calhoun
County Clerk, Dallas County

Hon. Elisabeth Earle
Judge, County Court at Law No. 7, Austin

Hon. Billy Fox
District Clerk, Bowie County

Hon. Wayne Mallia
Judge, 405th Judicial District Court, Galveston

Hon. Philip Martinez
Judge, United States District Court for the Western District of Texas

Hon. Karen Mitchell
Clerk, United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas

Hon. Amalia Rodriquez-Mendoza
District Clerk, Travis County

Hon. Gilbert Sanchez
District Clerk, El Paso County

Hon. Broadus Spivey
Chair, State Bar of Texas Jury Service Committee

Hon. Dale Wainwright
Justice, Texas Supreme Court

Hon. Becky Wilbanks
District Clerk, Cass County and President of County and District Clerks Association of Texas